Season 00 or Luidji's new album full of emotions

Saison 00 ou le nouvel album rempli d’émotions de Luidji - HYTRAPE

Since Tristesse Business: Season 1 , it has now been 4 years since the artist released an album. It was on June 23 that the rapper won over his audience by releasing Saison 00 on all streaming platforms. The 37-minute album is made up of 14 tracks, the majority produced by Ryan Koffi. There are also featurings with Tuerie and Astronne.

Luidji, recognized for his unique and melodious style, has once again and undeniably proven his musical talent. Candy . This is the word that has been used many times to describe the project. More than an album, this is a moving life lesson. The artist thus gives us very personal details of his childhood, his sadness, his anxieties and even his studies, all in a poetic rap. The album cover, which is none other than a photo of him as a child, reinforces this intimate character that he wanted to convey. The theme of love, which has always occupied an important place in his sounds , is also present.



If we detect a new artistic direction from Luidji, who seems to have made a real introspection of himself, we nevertheless recognize his usual sounds, his mastered writing and his profound lyrics. The rapper has truly succeeded in pushing the boundaries of his creativity to renew himself and eternally manage to transmit this sensitivity in his songs .

The artist who continues to seduce elsewhere, recently announced his second tour which he will carry out in France and Europe starting on October 5. He will also be present at numerous festivals this summer and at the Solidays on the day of his album's release!

Written by @jade_moniz.