Slimka: In the Sound Labyrinth of the 'Grand Mystico'

Slimka : Dans le labyrinthe Sonore du 'Grand Mystico' - HYTRAPE

Slimka, alias Cassim Sall, born April 30, 1994 in Geneva, is a phenomenon in the world of Swiss rap. His career, rich and diversified, testifies to an exceptional artistic trajectory. Coming from a cultural mix – Italian-German on his mother's side and Senegalese-Malian on his father's side – Slimka has created a unique musical universe, merging various genres and influences brilliantly.

From a young age, Slimka distinguished himself in sport, particularly football, before launching into modeling. But it is music that will reveal his true talent. From 2014, he began to stand out alongside members of the Superwak Clique, an emblematic Geneva hip-hop collective, including rappers like Di-Meh and Makala. These first appearances, notably on Makala's mixtape "Vpider, pt. 1", highlight his raw talent and artistic uniqueness, making him "a mad dog let loose in the skittles".

In April 2017, Slimka launched "No Bad, Vol. 1", his first major project, which met with notable success, rising to 35th place in the Schweizer Hitparade rankings. He confirms his rise in 2018 with "No Bad, Vol. 2", which strengthens his place in the Swiss and international rap landscape, thanks to an assertive artistic style and undeniable commercial success.

The year 2020 marks a decisive turning point with the release of the EP "Tunnel Vision Prelude", foreshadowing his first album "Tunnel Vision" in 2021. This period is marked by remarkable singles such as "Headshot" and "Rainbow" ( in collaboration with Varnish La Piscine), revealing an impressive artistic maturity and sound diversity.

Beyond his solo career, Slimka remains an active and influential member of the SuperWak Clique, contributing to its influence in Switzerland and France. With a deep immersion in hip-hop culture and an openness to varied musical genres, he has created a musical style all his own. His ability to mix raw energy with softer nuances positions him as a complete artist, captivating both on stage and in the studio.

Slimka knew how to maximize his collaborations, both with the members of his collective and with other figures of French-speaking rap, forging a strong and recognizable artistic identity. His commitment to Colors Records since March 2017 attests to his determination to produce quality music, while remaining true to his roots and distinctive style.

He is also distinguished by a careful visual approach, whether in his clips, his publications on social networks or his public appearances, thus reinforcing his image as a complete artist and attentive to every detail of his work. This attention to the visual complements his music, providing an immersive experience for his fans.

"Grand Mystico", his latest project, is the culmination of this evolution, offering a perfect balance between dynamic sounds and introspective tracks. This album confirms Slimka's talent to navigate between different styles and atmospheres, proving that he is much more than a stage rapper. He is a versatile artist, capable of touching his audience in multiple ways.

Expectations were high for “Grand Mystico,” and Slimka not only met them, but exceeded them. The album offers a perfect balance of energy and introspection, demonstrating a remarkable evolution as an artist. He captures a wide range of emotions and transcribes them through his music in a masterful way.

What sets Slimka apart is its ability to constantly renew itself.
He refuses to be locked into a single style or genre.

Each project he undertakes is an opportunity to push the limits of his creativity. This approach, combined with his commitment to quality and authenticity, makes him one of the most promising artists of his generation on the French-speaking rap scene.