Sonny Rave: A nighttime journey with 'Emotional Roller Coaster'

Sonny Rave : Un voyage nocturne avec 'Emotional Roller Coaster' - HYTRAPE

Sonny Rave, the Parisian rapper, immerses us in a nocturnal universe with his latest project, "Emotional Roller Coaster". This album, which evokes the 80s while demonstrating great modernity, is a truly innovative and accomplished musical experience.

Sonny Rave, whose sensual voice recalls the R&B of Tory Lanez, offers subtly autotuned melodies, sung in French and English. The songs on the album, long and soaring, present numerous variations of rhythm and sounds, creating a particular atmosphere which settles in as you listen.

“Emotional Roller Coaster” is a project that has been carefully designed, with artistic direction provided by BKZ (FR), Barbosa (FRA), Clemfacco and Côme Lart. The album cover, created by Clemfacco and Barbosa (FRA), perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the album.

The album includes collaborations with PANIA, adding a diversity of voices to the entire project. The album's producers, HO7MANN, Kosei, Sectra, Sonny Rave and Stwo, created clean but deep beats that let Sonny's interpretation run wild.

Tracks from the album include "Vision Triple", "Smooth Operator", "PINK", "D.ZHANG", "Sidelines", "Candy", "Caribbean Caress", "Chanel" and "Martini in Thirtyside" featuring PANIA.

The album was mastered by Amaury Odyssey and mixed by M'hidi Minuit, guaranteeing optimal sound quality. It was distributed by DistroKid and released under the CZ (FRA) label.