ThaHomey unveils “RARISMOUS”, a look back at his career

ThaHomey dévoile "RARISSIME", retour sur sa carrière - HYTRAPE

ThaHomey, also known as Le Trill, is a French rapper born June 30, 1995 in Reims. His stage name, a tribute to his African roots, refers to the Kingdom of Dahomey, a powerful ancient kingdom located in what is now Benin. Since his solo debut, ThaHomey has stood out for his talent and versatility, establishing himself as a rising figure in French rap.

A career in constant evolution

ThaHomey has a discography that is a testament to his boundless creativity and dedication to his art. His first solo EP, "Prelude", was originally released on Soundcloud in 2016. This project allowed ThaHomey to take his first steps as a solo artist and begin to make a name for himself in the music industry.

He quickly followed with "Avant la vague", a solo project released five months later. This project marked an important milestone in ThaHomey's career, as it was carried out without any collaboration, which allowed the artist to show the full extent of his talent.

2019 was a particularly productive year for ThaHomey. He released no less than five projects, including "Birth Lake" and "Magma Road" on June 28. These two projects showed an evolution in ThaHomey's musical style, with a deeper exploration of trap and R&B. In September, he released “Atlas Break” and “Storm Rising,” two projects that continued to showcase his versatility and ability to innovate.

The year 2019 ended in style with “Rarefiles”, a deluxe version which brought together the four previous EPs. This project allowed ThaHomey to show the extent of his talent and his evolution as an artist.

In 2020, ThaHomey released "Astral Gage" and "Spirit Race", ending his prolific run of EPs. These two projects showed a new side of the artist, with a deeper exploration of trap and cloud/chill. A particularity to note: the covers of these projects, placed end to end, form a door, perhaps symbolizing the opening towards a new phase of his career.

Influenced mainly by trap, ThaHomey also explores other genres such as R&B or cloud/chill. He is a complete artist, combining singing, directing video clips and creating illustrations. In 2020, he released "Astral Gage" and "Spirit Race", ending his prolific run of EPs. A particularity to note: the covers of these projects, placed end to end, form a door.

“RARISMINE”: An exceptional project

More recently, ThaHomey unveiled “RARISSIME”, an exceptional project which marks an important milestone in his career. This project, although not labeled as an album, is the quintessence of ThaHomey's artistic maturity. With “RARISSIME”, ThaHomey manages to define his style, to the delight of listeners of the new wave of rap.

This project is resolutely anchored in rap, and ThaHomey is pushed to his limits by the excellent Richie Beats, who participated in the entire artistic realization of the project. The album's aesthetic is decidedly dark, with the use of New York samples as a backdrop, giving it a unique sound.

In terms of collaborations, we find Khali on a very rap track which will surprise fans of both artists, as well as Ashh, who participates in a dark track where ThaHomey delivers a captivating chorus, thus proving that he is capable of much more than rapping .

Eclectic and able to navigate between several styles, from trap to R&B, ThaHomey is seen as an artist with great potential. In 2023, he notably performed at Frelon Festival #2, sharing the stage with Slimka and the RMS Crew. Today, he is in full preparation for his next project “Rarrissime”, scheduled for May 26, 2023.