Ye releases a new track “Like That” in Remix

Ye lance un nouveau morceaur "Like That" en Remix

Recently, he joined the fray with an explosive verse in the remix of "Like That," an original track by Metro Boomin and Future. This intervention comes shortly after the release of "Taylor Made", a diss track by Drake against Kendrick Lamar, further fanning the flames of already fiery rivalries in the industry.

The new version of "Like That" was revealed during an appearance by Ye on Justin LaBoy's "The Download" podcast. In this remix, Ye doesn't mince his words, affirming his support for Kendrick Lamar, while directing sharp barbs at Drake and J. Cole. The verse begins with defiant assurance: “You know we had to get the hooligans up here to get these pussy n***as out/yo Dot I got you,” referencing Kendrick Lamar’s youthful nickname, K.Dot .

Ye goes on to take direct aim at Drake, with lyrics that criticize the Canadian's artistic independence and business deals: “It's a wrap for n as/ Where's Lucian, serve your master, n a/ You caught a little bag for your masters didn't 't ya/ Lifetime deal I feel bad for n***as.” Later in the song, he attacks J. Cole in a more personal and acerbic way: “Y'all so out of sight, out of mind / I can't even think of a Drake line / Play J. Cole , get the pussy dry.”

Ye also took to his social media to share an NSFW meme that seemed to reinforce the message conveyed in his verse, amplifying the reach and resonance of his words in the social media ecosystem and beyond.

This latest chapter in the hip-hop feud saga doesn't just highlight the competitiveness and personal rivalries between these high-profile artists. It also highlights how these conflicts can stimulate creativity and spark broader discussions about the nature of art, freedom of expression, and power dynamics in the music industry.

By continuing to play a central role in these dialogues, Ye not only rocks the airwaves with his rhythms, but he also provokes reflection on the implications of these verbal clashes and what they reveal about the values ​​and pressures in the world. within contemporary hip-hop culture. Whether or not one likes his method or his messages, Ye's influence on music and popular culture remains undeniable.