Zaky hits hard with his new EP “REVŒLUTION”

Zaky frappe fort avec son nouvel EP « REVŒLUTION » - HYTRAPE

If you follow the French rap scene closely, the name Zaky is certainly not unknown to you. Originally from 91, this young artist has made an impression with projects such as “Self” and “Sentiments”, where he collaborated with names like So La Lune, J9ueve, and Slim C. Not content with shining solo, Zaky has also made notable appearances on other artists' projects, such as 8ruki's "Int8tion" and Push k & Gio's "Let's Go."

A Notable Artistic Evolution

Just six months after “SELF”, Zaky unveiled “Sentiments”, a project which confirmed his status as an artist to watch.

Accompanied by renowned composers and talented artists, he was able to show another side of his universe, more focused on melody. Beautifully aesthetic clips, produced by Adzelio, have helped to establish his reputation.

After beginning a new artistic direction with his song “QULBUTOKE”, released by Rec. 118, Zaky decided to hit even harder.

On October 27, he unveiled his highly anticipated EP “REVŒLUTION”. Intended to ignite the stages, this project is a tasty mix of Rage and Trap sounds, inspired by US New Wave. There are influences from Yeat and KANKAN, and Zaky skilfully oscillates between autotuned pieces and DMV-style flows.

What is striking about this EP is also the quality of the collaborations. Zaky called on renowned producers like abel31, Brodinski and Kabeh.

Each brings their unique touch, thus respecting the codes of the genre while injecting a dose of originality.

The Music Video for “BIG BAG”: A Universe Apart

To accompany the release of the EP, a music video for the song “BIG BAG” was also released. Directed by Adzelio and shot in immersion in Japan, this clip is a real dive into Zaky's very special world.

The track's electric production is by Astro, known for his work with Oboy and PNB Rock.

Our opinion

“REVŒLUTION” is undoubtedly a project that deserves your attention. Zaky continues to push the boundaries and define his own style, and this new EP is resounding proof. If you are looking for something new and original, don't miss this gem.