Zamdane: From Bab Doukkala to Marseille, Itinerary of a hungry artist

Zamdane : De Bab Doukkala à Marseille, Itinéraire d'un artiste affamé

Originally from Marrakech, Ayoub – his first name in civil status – was immersed in a rich and contrasting world from an early age. Raised in Bab Doukkala, a lively neighborhood of Marrakech, he had the privilege of growing up in an environment where local life and tourist excitement blend harmoniously. His father, a polyglot tourist guide, allowed him to explore various cultures, thus enriching his learning of several languages, including French.

Adolescence took him to Marseille, a city that would become his home port. It is in this new setting that Zamdane plunges body and soul into the world of rap, a passion which awakens throughout the trials and isolation of the first days in France. This difficult context will be the fertile ground for his artistic expression, offering him a voice to share his unique story.

With striking authenticity, Zamdane manages to captivate his audience. His style, both impactful and moving, finds its peak in the series of titles “Affamé”, initiated in 2018 and closed in 2023. These works, true windows into his soul, illustrate his incessant quest to surpass himself, coupled with a reminiscence of the literal and figurative hunger of his Moroccan years.

His album “Color of my pain”, released on February 24, 2022, marks a decisive turning point. This project, praised by both the public and critics, is the reflection of an artist who delivers himself without filter, navigating through a varied emotional palette. Through his pieces, Zamdane addresses deep subjects, such as the mourning of his sister, finding a spiritual connection with her in music.

Committed, Zamdane does not hesitate to put his notoriety at the service of humanitarian causes, notably in support of SOS Méditerranée.

His ability to mobilize around charitable projects is remarkable, as evidenced by the generous sum collected during the release of his album, then reiterated during an exceptional concert in Marseille, bringing together a supportive and committed crowd.

Zamdane continues to reinvent himself, offering his audience compositions that reflect his artistic evolution, without ever feeling sorry for himself. Between Marseille and Marrakech, he weaves a rich and nuanced story, capturing the essence of these two worlds that shaped him.

His new album “SOLSAD” with Pomme, Josman, Kekra and So La Lune!

After making an impression with his first album “Couleur de ma Pain”, Zamdane, the Franco-Moroccan rap prodigy from Marseille, is about to repeat his feat with a highly anticipated project: SOLSAD . Two years have passed, a period during which the artist has continued to mature, going from the status of a revelation to that of an essential on the music scene.

SOLSAD is on the horizon, announced for February 23, confirming the evolution of Zamdane. This new opus is seen as a decisive turning point, the moment when the artist must assert his status and demonstrate the extent of his renewed talent. “Even sad suns can illuminate the world,” he says, hinting at the depth and ambition of this project. This sentence, full of hope and melancholy, perfectly sums up the spirit of SOLSAD , inviting a luminous introspection through the shadows of existence.

The beginnings of this return were palpable, Zamdane having already captivated the audience with “Mélancolie criminie” on COLORS and the single “Printemps”, suggesting the richness and diversity of his musical universe to come. These musical tastes not only consolidated his fan base but also aroused growing curiosity around SOLSAD .

SOLSAD 's announcement comes with the promise of two exceptional concerts at the Olympia in Paris on May 14 and 15, promising evenings where Zamdane's new work will be celebrated. These performances will undoubtedly be an opportunity for the artist to connect with his audience, to share his new artistic vision and to demonstrate, once again, his ability to touch hearts.

Zamdane, SOLSAD analysis

Last February, the artist Zamdane marked the world of music with the release of SOLSAD, an album of 20 tracks reflecting a strong and coherent musical identity. This project is the fruit of a long journey which took him from the streets of Marrakech to open stages in France, culminating in this introspective album. Zamdane explores themes of exile, mourning, and healing, using his personal experiences to weave a work that is both intimate and universal.

Two years after “Color of My Sorrow”, where he revealed his deepest wounds, Zamdane seems to have found a path to inner peace in SOLSAD. The album navigates between shadow and light, alternating melancholy and hope, pain and resilience.

Zamdane's music, infused with trap but also softer, sung melodies, creates a rich and varied soundscape.

The process of creating SOLSAD was not without obstacles, including a serious car accident that delayed the project.

This incident not only affected the album's release schedule but also influenced its content, introducing a dimension of vulnerability and reflection on the fragility of life.

SOLSAD's tracklist reveals Zamdane's ability to collaborate with various artists without losing his artistic vision.

Each featuring brings a new color to the album, while respecting the emotional common thread established by Zamdane. Among the collaborations, we note varied names such as Pomme, Josman, and Kekra, illustrating the diversity and openness of the album.

Zamdane speaks with affection about his childhood in Marrakech, the influence of his parents on his music, and his creative process, marked by a desire to remain authentic and sincere. He also addresses the difficulty and importance of expressing oneself through music, sharing one's experiences and emotions in a raw and unfiltered way.

SOLSAD stands out not only for its lyrical depth but also for its careful production, the result of the close collaboration with Thug Dance, the album's main producer. Together, they created a distinct sound that marks an evolution in Zamdane's career.

At the heart of SOLSAD is a quest for authenticity, an exploration of the dualities of existence, and an affirmation of resilience in the face of life's trials. Zamdane offers his audience a thoughtful and touching work, an invitation to travel with them on a path of healing and personal discovery.