ZED: Portrait of a titan of French rap

ZED : Portrait d'un titan du rap français - HYTRAPE
Real name Malcolm, ZED emerges as an emblematic figure, rich in a trajectory that reflects both his deep roots in Sevran and a spectacular solo rise. Born in a town that has become a true incubator of talent, ZED initially made his name within the group 13 Block, renowned for its raw style and incisive lyrics.

From 13 Block to a promising solo career

ZED and his friends from 13 Block , originally from the Beaudottes district of Sevran, captured the public's attention with their music inspired by Chicago drill and Atlanta trap. The group, which was formed in 2012, left its mark with poignant songs like “Comment Accept”, inaugurating a new era for French street rap.

Their first studio album, BLO , released in 2019, quickly became a classic, driven by strong tracks like “Fuck le 17” which sparked both controversy and admiration. This dynamic continued with BLO II , enriching their discography and consolidating their reputation.

However, ZED's trajectory took a more personal turn when, in 2020, he decided to embrace a solo career, marked by fruitful collaborations with artists such as Booba, Maes, and Hamza. This transition was crowned by the success of his platinum-certified single "Joli", proving his ability to captivate an audience beyond the collective.

A first solo album in sight

The announcement of his debut solo album, MALCOM , due in 2024, is met with great anticipation. This album promises to be a milestone in his career with impressive collaborations including Nekfeu, Laylow, SDM, Zola, and Ziak. These featurings aren't just names on a tracklist; they symbolize a fusion of talents that could redefine the contours of contemporary French rap.

Beyond Music

The recognition he receives today is the result of a journey marked by perseverance, raw talent, and an ability to evolve without losing the essence of his art.

Despite rumors of tensions and possible separations within 13 Block, ZED continues to chart its course, indifferent to the noise in the corridor, focused on its art and its vision. His journey is a reminder that, in rap, as in life, origins do not dictate destiny, but they shape character.

With MALCOM , ZED is preparing not only to mark a new stage in his career but also to inscribe his name among the legends of French rap. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.