Zequin: Multi-faceted trap artist

Zequin : Artiste trap aux multiples facette - HYTRAPE

Zequin, a name that resonates more and more in the French rap landscape, recently made an impression with his project “Rescapé des Rues”.

This artist from Colombes, resulting from the merger of two collectives (7FS and 400FL), has created a unique style, imbued with his varied inspirations ranging from trap to pain love. His signature track, “DIFFERENT,” laid the foundation for his distinct musical universe.

In a recent interview, Zequin reveals himself as a complex and authentic being, divided between love and hatred, the street and hype.

He presents himself as a complete artist, where the human and the artist are one. His music, imbued with poetic writing and social consciousness, reflects this duality.

Zequin draws his influences from a diverse cultural wealth, ranging from the American sounds of Young Thug to the French roots of 13 Block.

He also talks about the importance of music in his childhood, marked by various artists like GMX and Jay. This mix of influences is felt in his music, where he mixes trap, hip-hop, and avant-garde touches.

He has worked closely with artists such as Dafliky and Gapman, as well as producer Binks Beatz. This synergy gave birth to notable titles like “TOP SHOOTER”, highlighting his ability to mix different styles and sounds.

A vision of Art and society

Zequin positions himself as a committed artist, aware of his role as an opinion leader. He uses his music to share strong and motivating messages.

He seeks to positively impact his listeners.

He addresses topics such as moral responsibility to the masses, highlighting his commitment to his community and Hip-Hop culture.