Zeu: An artistic evolution with 'Watergate'

Zeu : Une évolution artistique avec 'Watergate' - HYTRAPE

Let's dive into the musical universe of Zeu, a Parisian rapper known for his unique style. His latest project, “Watergate,” is a testament to his artistic evolution and a showcase of his musical talent.

Zeu began his career as a rapper in 2014 alongside his friend Ormaz, forming the duo OZ. Over the years, Zeu has earned a reputation for his incisive lyrics and distinctive sound, which has been influenced by various genres, including drill music.

Zeu's album "Watergate" is the result of a collaborative effort involving many talents from the music industry. The album credits reveal the extent of the collective effort that went into bringing this project to life.

The artistic direction of the album was provided by Imaginecsc and Jesus75e, who were able to create a visual aesthetic that perfectly corresponds to Zeu's musical universe. The album cover, created by Imaginecsc, is a visual reflection of the soundscape of "Watergate".

The album includes collaborations with NeS (FRA), Ormaz and Venom Cz, adding a diversity of voices and styles to the entire project. The album's producers, including BRIAN (Fra), DCX, Ekzo, Epektase, j'san, Lil Chick, NooNoo beats, Pandrezz and Takumei, brought their expertise to create beats that showcase Zeu's lyrics and of its collaborators.

The music video for the album was produced by Ambre Marlin, Erwan Patras, Matthias Pichard, Metanoia TV and TKSH, and directed by 777.brume, Arnaud Vieron, Jeremy Beaudet, JS PRODUCTION, Metanoia TV and TKSH. The clip was edited by Arnaud Vieron and JS PRODUCTION, adding a visual dimension to the musical experience of “Watergate”.

The album was recorded by Ekzo and Epektase, then mastered and mixed by Epektase, ensuring optimal sound quality. The album was distributed by DistroKid and released under the CZ (FRA) label.

“Watergate” is more than just an album; it is a reflection of Zeu's artistic journey. From his early days with Panama Bende to his exploration of drill music, Zeu has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in rap music. His commitment to authenticity and originality is evident in every track on “Watergate,” making it a must-have for any rap lover.