Adidas Unveils the YEEZY SLIDE “MX Moon”

Adidas Dévoile la YEEZY SLIDE "MX Moon" - HYTRAPE

Last week, a major event shook the fashion world: Adidas resumed sales of its YEEZY products, generating an impressive turnover of more than 25 million US dollars on the first day. However, the brand does not intend to stop there. Indeed, new versions are expected, including one that is already getting a lot of attention: the YEEZY SLIDE “MX Moon”.

Until now, the adidas YEEZY SLIDE has always been characterized by monochrome looks, banking on the silhouette's instantly recognizable shape. But since 2021, rumors have been circulating about the introduction of "MX" colors mixed with the slip-on. Today, these rumors come true with the appearance of the "MX Moon" model, marking a turning point in the history of the YEEZY SLIDE.

The “MX Moon” stands out with its EVA foam injected construction, offering a light gray colored base with black and cream hues mixed throughout. This color combination gives the shoe a sophisticated and bold look, perfectly reflecting the innovative spirit of the brand.

For the moment, no precise information has been revealed regarding the release date of the adidas YEEZY SLIDE “MX Moon”. However, it is certain that this model, as well as other adidas YEEZY products, will be available in the coming months via adidas CONFIRMED, the brand's online sales platform.