Dime and ASICS unveil their collaboration on the GT-2160 in two colors

Dime et ASICS dévoilent leur collaboration sur la GT-2160 en deux coloris - HYTRAPE

Paris fashion week is always a great time for streetwear brands to unveil their new collaborations. This year, the Montreal brand Dime caused a sensation by presenting its collaboration with ASICS on the GT-2160, available in two colors: cream/gray and green/navy blue.

The GT-2160, a lifestyle running shoe, has been revisited by Dime with particular attention to gradients. The cream/gray version features a smooth transition from off-white to gray on the base layers, with silver metallic overlays. The Dime logo is subtly placed on the side heel window, just below the GT-2160 branding. The midsole splits into four colored sections, changing from mouse gray in the forefoot to a rustic gold in the center, then white and gray in the rear.

The green/navy version follows the same gradient principle, with a transition from powder green to muted blue from the toe to the back of the shoe. The Dime logo is also present on the side heel window, in silver.

These sneakers will launch on June 22 during the 3537 MUSIC FESTIVAL event. A wider release has not yet been confirmed. In the meantime, these shoes promise to make a splash in the world of streetwear, combining the minimalist aesthetic of Dime with the comfort and technicality of ASICS. Stay tuned for more information on this promising collaboration.