IDK unveils its exclusive collaboration with Nike on the Air Max 97 “Free Coast” F&F

IDK dévoile sa collaboration exclusive avec Nike sur la Air Max 97 "Free Coast" F&F - HYTRAPE

Hailing from Prince George's County, Maryland, IDK has always been an avid fan of the comma brand. In 2021, the rapper signed a partnership with Nike and worked on limited edition collaborations with models such as the Nike Blazer Mid and Air Force 1 Low. Today, IDK unveils its latest creation in collaboration with the American sportswear giant: the IDK x Nike Air Max 97 “Free Coast” in a friends and family version.

The highlight of this sneaker is the gradient band of pink, blue, turquoise and neon yellow that surrounds the shoe and ends on the tongue. This stripe mixes the colors of the flags of Ghana and Sierra Leone, the former being the country from which West African slaves were deported to America, while the latter is the country where slaves were released.

The goal of this color fusion is to raise awareness of African-American history and convey IDK's message: never forget where you come from. Additionally, these sneakers come in special metallic silver packaging and feature gradient insoles, with a star on the right shoe and a Nike logo on the left.

To unveil these exclusive sneakers in a friends and family version, IDK returned to his old high school to participate in a panel in front of the students. During this event, the rapper presented his creation and shared his journey and his artistic vision, while discussing with students the importance of knowing one's roots and drawing inspiration from them.

The IDK x Nike Air Max 97 "Free Coast" F&F is a unique collaboration that highlights IDK's history and powerful message, while offering a bold and colorful design. Although this version is reserved for the rapper's loved ones and family, it demonstrates IDK's ability to create sneakers that are both striking and meaningful. This collaboration highlights the rapper's commitment to transmitting a strong message about the history of African-Americans and respect for their origins.

It is important to note that this “Free Coast” F&F edition will not be marketed to the general public, which makes it an even more popular and unique item for the lucky few who can acquire it. However, it cannot be ruled out that other collaborations between IDK and Nike will emerge soon, perhaps with models accessible to a wider audience.

While waiting to discover IDK's future creations, this Air Max 97 "Free Coast" F&F reminds us of the impact that fashion, and more particularly sneakers, can have in transmitting messages and stories. New proof that sneakers are not simply fashion objects, but also vectors of expression and cultural memory.