The reappearance of éS Muska in a “Tan/Green” vegan version

La réapparition de la éS Muska en version végane "Tan/Green"

After signing with éS Skateboarding in the late 90s, Chad Muska released his first signature sneaker, the éS Muska

. This shoe, which came to life in the late 90s thanks to the vision of Chad Muska and éS Skateboarding, was not only a first in terms of price, with an introductory cost of 100 USD, but it also redefined expectations for design and functionality in skateboarding.

The éS Muska, with its imposing silhouette, quickly established itself as an icon of the decade, revered for its boldness and innovation. Its reissue, driven by growing popular demand, is a testament to its enduring legacy. The transition to colors such as "Grey/Blue" and "Black/Red" set the stage for a remarkable evolution: the introduction of a vegan "Tan/Green" version, a first for this iconic model.

This new vegan model retains the essence of the original while incorporating environmentally friendly materials and processes. The synthetic nubuck upper, ultra-plush tongue and molded EVA insole ensure uncompromising comfort, while durability is ensured by features such as a protective ollie abrasion pad and rubber patch in the front. These features, combined with meticulous details like logo-embellished lace toggles, heel pulls, and custom-molded eyelets, highlight éS Skateboarding's commitment to quality and innovation.

The “éS Muska” plaque in the center of the tongue is more than just an aesthetic detail; it symbolizes the union between past and present, between tradition and innovation. Available for 149.99 USD on the éS Skateboarding online store, this shoe is an invitation to explore the history and future of skateboarding with a fresh perspective.