The ASICS Archisite ORU by Kengo Kuma (2024)

L'ASICS Archisite ORU de Kengo Kuma (2024) - HYTRAPE

In an often saturated fashion and collaboration market, where one new product after another without always carrying a notable story or substance, the five-year collaboration between ASICS and renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma clearly stands out. This shoe series, which has already seen several launches in 2019 and 2021, is not only eye-catching but seeks to push the boundaries of footwear to new heights.

The latest creation from this collaboration, the Kuma x ASICS sneaker, reimagines the ASICS Archisite ORU silhouette using a delicate Japanese paper-like material that wraps the Dyneema upper of the shoe. Kengo Kuma describes this shoe as an object that "changes its outer skin to adapt to different life situations, required by a new lifestyle." After exploring your destination with the outer skin stowed, you can unfold it and relax at the hotel, providing exceptional versatility and adaptability.

Durably constructed with ASICS' FUJI LITE™ 2 sole and FF BLAST midsole, this sneaker promises lightweight comfort and a pleasant wearing experience. Designed to be worn and not just admired online or on a shelf, the Archi-Site ORU by Kengo Kuma is an invitation to action and is available on the ASICS Japanese website for $218.

This collaboration between ASICS and Kengo Kuma is more than just a pair of shoes; it’s a lesson in design that combines functionality, aesthetics and sustainable innovation. It perfectly embodies Kuma's vision for a future where fashion and function meet, offering wearers not only distinctive style but also adaptability to their ever-changing lifestyle.