Nike dominates Adidas, establishing itself as the ultimate sneaker brand

Nike domine Adidas, s'imposant comme la marque de sneakers ultime - HYTRAPE

Sneakers, once simple sports equipment, have become global cultural icons. With an estimated value of over £300 billion in 2023, the sneaker market is booming, symbolizing style and identity through high-profile collaborations, limited editions and a vibrant online community.

In this context, the experts at conducted a study to identify the most popular sneakers of all time. They analyzed Google search trends and the number of hashtags on Instagram for each model, giving them a popularity rating out of ten.

  1. Nike Air Force 1 (Popularity score: 9.80/10):

    • History and Impact : Introduced in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 revolutionized the world of sneakers with their innovative technology and distinctive design. They quickly gained popularity, not only on basketball courts but also in hip-hop culture and urban fashion.
    • Current Popularity : With 2.4 million hashtags on Instagram and over 2.5 million global monthly searches, they dominate the market. Their versatile design and lasting comfort continue to appeal to new generations.
  2. Adidas Superstar (Popularity score: 9.68/10):

    • History and Impact : Launched in the 1960s, the Adidas Superstar was first adopted by basketball players before becoming a fashion phenomenon. Their iconic design with the rubber shell on the front has become a symbol of streetwear culture.
    • Current Popularity : With 560,000 hashtags on Instagram and nearly 3 million monthly searches, they remain a favorite choice for fashion lovers and celebrities, contributing to their status as a timeless classic.
  3. Nike Dunk and Air Jordan 1 (Popularity Score: 9.64/10):

    • Nike Dunk : Introduced in 1985, Nike Dunks were originally basketball shoes. Their transition into skate and streetwear culture has broadened their appeal. With 1.3 million hashtags on Instagram, they demonstrate lasting popularity.
    • Air Jordan 1 : Launched the same year, the Air Jordan 1 not only marked the beginning of one of the most successful collaborations between a brand and an athlete (Michael Jordan) but also influenced urban fashion. With 689,000 hashtags and more than 2.4 million monthly searches, they remain a symbol of sneaker culture.
  4. Vans Old Skool (Popularity Score: 9.56/10):

    • History and Impact : The Vans Old Skool, recognizable by their iconic side stripe, was launched in 1977. They quickly became a staple of skate and surf culture.
    • Current Popularity : With 435,000 hashtags on Instagram and over 2.6 million monthly searches, they are loved for their casual style and adaptability to various lifestyles.
  5. Adidas Samba (Popularity score: 9.44/10):

    • History and Impact : Created in the 1950s, Adidas Samba were originally indoor football shoes. Their simple, elegant design has transcended sports to become a staple of casual fashion.
    • Current Popularity : With 1.4 million hashtags on Instagram and a recent increase in interest of over 400%, Sambas are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, underscoring their status as an enduring classic.

Study methodology

Experts first compiled a preliminary list by reviewing rankings of the most popular sneakers according to sources including GQ Magazine, Fashion Beans, Esquire and Vogue. They then used Ahrefs to collect overall monthly search volumes and recorded the number of hashtags for each model on Instagram. The data, collected on January 22, was used to create a rating out of 10 and to rank the sneakers from most to least popular.

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