Nike reveals the Flyknit Bloom

Nike révèle la Flyknit Bloom - HYTRAPE

Nike continues to innovate in the world of sneakers with the imminent launch of the Flyknit Bloom, complementing its new lineup of Flyknit silhouettes for 2024. It's been nearly 12 years since Nike introduced Flyknit technology, offering lightweight uppers with countless shoe models. Despite its age, this technology remains relevant, prompting Nike to create three new Flyknit-backed silhouettes for this year.

The Flyknit Bloom, which is the last part of this new group, stands out for its upper upper exploiting Flyknit in its layered construction. It features a combination of red, black and white across the color palette. One commonality with the Flyknit Venture is its lacing system that extends around the heel, requiring a proper knot at the back. Its bulky sole is comparable to that of the Flyknit Haven, although it favors larger shapes in the midsole.

As of now, Nike has not released any details regarding the release of the Flyknit Bloom and the two other Flyknit-equipped silhouettes planned for this year. However, it is expected to release soon via Nike SNKRS and select retailers. According to a product page published by Naked Copenhagen, the Flyknit Bloom could debut on February 3, priced at 138 euros.