Reebok x Botter x HP: a collaboration that combines innovation, sustainability and luxury

Reebok x Botter x HP : une collaboration qui allie innovation, durabilité et luxe - HYTRAPE

The collaboration between Reebok, Botter and HP has resulted in a truly impressive shoe. The "Venus Comb Murex Shell Sneaker" is designed using 3D printing and uses HP's Multi Jet Fusion technology to create the sole. While Reebok hasn't revealed whether the shoe is fully 3D printed, it's clear that post-processing steps are applied to achieve vibrant colors.

The collection is directly inspired by the Murex, a predatory sea snail, for its bold design that could be compared to a luxury shoe. The founders of Botter declare that this project is a revolution in the fashion sector and that it is only the first step of a wonderful project.

The use of 3D printing in shoe manufacturing is becoming more common, as the technology allows for greater flexibility in design and faster, greener production. Brands like Reebok and Adidas are using 3D printing for soles and to make models lighter, thus offering more comfortable and high-performance shoes to their customers.

Some photos of the pair: