Rick Owens

Rick Owens x Dr. Martens: Launch of the 1460 DMXL Megalace Boot

Rick Owens x Dr. Martens : Lancement de la Botte 1460 DMXL Megalace - HYTRAPE

Rick Owens, often called the Lord of Darkness for his singular aesthetic and boundary-pushing design techniques, continues to make his mark with Dr. Martens.

Since the start of their partnership in 2021, each new release has been received with enthusiasm!

Their previous collaboration in 2022 introduced high-top brutalist-gothic boots, characterized by Rick Owens' signature wide laces. This year, the duo returns to reinvent the ultra-modern 14XX range. Announced late last year, this experimental division offers a futuristic version of the classic 1460, 1461 and 2976 models, injecting a dose of avant-garde design into these icons.

For this new iteration, Rick Owens takes the 14XX incubator to fuse leather uppers with square tongues and chunky DMXL soles. The 1460 DMXL Megalace boot, designed by Rick Owens, features black Lunar leather and oversized accents, showcasing attention-grabbing crossover and layered laces. The pearl-like megalace design is attached to silver-tone rings for a welded effect, while side zippers ensure easy access.

The collaboration between Rick Owens and Dr. Martens on the 1460 DMXL Megalace boot will be available via Dr. Martens!