Wilson's New 3D Printed Airless Basketball Costs $2,500

Le nouveau ballon de basket Airless imprimé en 3D de Wilson coûte 2 500$ - HYTRAPE

Wilson announced the launch of the “Airless Gen1,” marking the first time a 3D printed basketball will be available for purchase. The Airless Gen1, a direct descendant of the Airless prototype, presents several improvements aimed at improving performance and manufacturing efficiency.

Kevin Murphy, General Manager of Team Sports at Wilson, shared: “We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for our Airless prototype, and we knew it was time to bring this rare and never-before-seen innovation to the world,” adding, “Wilson has reached a milestone never before achieved by any brand with the release of the Airless Gen1 basketball, inspiring the next generation of sporting innovations.”

Significant advancements include an improved mesh design for more consistent bounce and performance, streamlined manufacturing processes with integrated holes for faster production and the introduction of customizable labels and color options.

The Gen1 Ball is the result of a collaboration between partners such as the Wilson Labs team, General Lattice, DyeMansion, EOS and SNL Creative. For those interested in trying out the ball for themselves, it is set to launch via Wilson's official website starting February 16, with the retail price set at $2,500!