Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari: Analysis of a strategic move for 2025

Lewis Hamilton à Ferrari : Analyse d'un mouvement stratégique pour 2025 - HYTRAPE

Lewis Hamilton, the most successful Formula 1 driver in history, is set to mark a new page in his legendary career by joining Ferrari for the 2025 season. After a decade of success with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team, where he won six of his seven world titles, Hamilton is preparing to take on a new challenge at Ferrari, succeeding Carlos Sainz.

The news of this transfer, which coincides with the end of his current contract at Mercedes in 2024, has created considerable buzz in the world of Formula 1. Hamilton, with his 103 victories and 104 pole positions, has repeatedly expressed his frustration with Mercedes' recent performances, particularly during the 2022 season where he did not win a single race, a first in his career.

This move raises several questions about the future of F1 and the landscape of top teams. How will Hamilton adapt to his new team? What impact will he have on the internal dynamics at Ferrari, particularly with Charles Leclerc, who will be his teammate? And finally, how will Mercedes bounce back after the departure of one of the greatest drivers in its history?

While the official announcement has not yet been made by Mercedes or Ferrari, sources close to the matter indicate that discussions are advanced. Hamilton's arrival at Ferrari could not only redefine his career but also significantly influence the competitiveness between the leading teams in Formula 1.

The start of the 2024 F1 season is highly anticipated, with the Bahrain Grand Prix marking the kick-off. All eyes will be on Hamilton to see how he concludes his final season with Mercedes before moving on to this exciting new chapter of his career at Ferrari.