Adobe: More than 100 new features revealed

Adobe : Plus de 100 nouvelles fonctionnalités dévoilées - HYTRAPE

Adobe, the technology giant synonymous with creativity, has just announced a series of new features aimed at integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its Creative Cloud suite. This announcement, which includes updates for popular applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Lightroom, marks a significant step in Adobe's commitment to AI as a creative tool. We sat down with Scott Belsky, Adobe's chief strategy officer, to discuss the company's vision for the convergence of creativity and technology.

Adobe Firefly : The AI-Powered Image Generator

One of the most exciting updates is Firefly, Adobe's AI-powered image generator. Launched earlier this year, Firefly has been updated with three new generative models for images, vectors and designs. The software has already been used to generate more than three billion images. The new Firefly Image 2 model offers faster processing speeds, twice the resolution and higher quality photorealistic images.

Democratizing Design: Adobe Express

Adobe is also focused on democratizing design tools. The company has added new professional-level features to Adobe Express, its free, cloud-based media creation application. The goal is to democratize access to design tools and enable web-based creativity on the go.

AI as a Creative Copilot

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen called the company's latest AI-based updates a "creative co-pilot" for its users. New AI-powered tools like Retype and Mockup are designed to speed up workflow by identifying fonts in seconds and allowing users to virtually place vectors on real-world objects.

Beyond Software: Primrose Project

In a surprising move, Adobe has also ventured into wearable technology with Project Primrose. This “portable and flexible, non-emissive” textile technology can display designs created within Adobe’s creative suite. Although still in its early stages, the technology has the potential to be integrated into traditional clothing or even furniture.

List of New Adobe Creative Cloud AI-Driven Features:


  1. Firefly Image 2 : Improved template for high-quality photorealistic images.
  2. Firefly Vector : First generative AI model for vector graphics.
  3. Firefly Design : Text-prompted template builder for various formats and sizes.

Adobe Express:

  1. Pro-level features : New tools and features for more advanced media creation.
  2. Web-based creation : Focus on creativity on the go and on web platforms.

AI tools for workflow:

  1. Retype : Quickly identify fonts and convert static text to editable text.
  2. Mockup : Virtual placement of vectors on real-world objects for preview.

Project Primrose:

  1. Non-emitting textile technology : Displays designs created in Adobe applications.
  2. Integration into clothing and furniture : Potential for a new form of digital creativity.


  1. Photo editing algorithm : Uses AI to improve image quality.
  2. Video editing tools : AI integration for faster, more efficient editing.
  3. Augmented reality content creation : Using AI to generate AR assets.
  4. Illustrator : Launch of the revolutionary “Text to Vector Image” feature.
  5. Premiere Pro : Major update to text-based editing with automatic filler word detection.
  6. After Effects : Introduction of the AI-powered Roto-brush.
  7. Lightroom : New AI-powered lens blur tool.

Adobe's latest updates signal a monumental shift in the role of AI in creative processes. By integrating AI into its suite of tools, Adobe is not only enhancing the capabilities of individual applications, but also transforming the way creatives work and collaborate. As AI continues to evolve, it's clear that Adobe aims to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, empowering creatives to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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Visual by: @teocomyn