The 6 trends in e-commerce purchasing behavior in 2024

Les 6 tendances sur les comportements d'achats e-commerce en 2024 - HYTRAPE

We recently took a look at a very informative study conducted by Shopify and Sapio Research. Are you wondering what will guide your purchases at the end of the year? You are in the right place. More than 12,000 consumers around the world have shared their opinions. Here are the key trends to watch.

It seems that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more important in our purchasing decisions. And you, what do you think of AI suggesting new brands or special offers?

Interestingly, 74% of study participants believe this technology will help them find better deals.

If you're the type who loves immersive sites and responsive chatbots, you're not alone.

Nearly 39% of respondents have more confidence in websites that use advanced web technologies. And in general, those who are sensitive to it spend more. The advice of a powerful chatbot can be very useful, don't you think?

Experience before product

We now buy “more experience than product”. So, are you willing to spend more on experiences rather than hardware products? According to the study, 62% of consumers are.

Additionally, 78% of those surveyed want products that satisfy them on a daily basis.

The economic crisis has made price comparison more relevant than ever. According to the study, 84% of you will compare prices before making a purchase. We will therefore have to play tight this year.

The growing role of social networks

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok... These platforms are becoming sales channels in their own right. The study predicts that 30% of online sales will come through social media by 2030. So, are you ready to click “buy” from your feed?

Let's talk about the latest trend, but not the least.

Consumers, that is to say you, prepare their purchases much more than before.

Upstream communication about promotions and offers could therefore make all the difference.

Email marketing has never been more important.

It's not too late to adapt to these trends. Whether you are a consumer or retailer, this information can help you make informed choices for 2024.