Hackers stole 2 billion cryptos in 2023

Les hackers ont volé 2 milliards de cryptos en 2023 - HYTRAPE

In 2023, the world of cryptocurrency faced an unprecedented wave of cyberattacks, with hackers managing to steal $2 billion in digital assets. This article delves into the details of these attacks, their implications for the cryptocurrency industry, and the resulting security challenges.

According to data provided by De.Fi, a company specializing in cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and security, hackers managed to seize $2 billion in cryptocurrencies in 2023. These figures, reported by TechCrunch, highlight shed light on the extent of the risks to which investors and trading platforms are exposed.

Among the most notable incidents was the attack on Mixin Network in September, which resulted in a loss of over $200 million in assets. In December, another attack targeted HXA Token Exploit's NFT tokens, with the theft estimated to be nearly $30 million.

The De.Fi report highlights continued vulnerabilities within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Although 2023 saw progress in addressing these issues, attacks continue to demonstrate existing security gaps.

A complementary report from TRM Labs indicates that $1.7 billion in crypto assets have been stolen since the start of the year, corroborating De.Fi's figures. These data put into perspective the urgency of strengthening security measures.

These incidents highlight the challenges facing the web3 security industry. It becomes imperative to develop more robust solutions to protect digital assets against cyberattacks.