What's new from Apple in 2024: Vision Pro and more

Nouveautés Apple en 2024 : Vision Pro et plus encore - HYTRAPE

2024 is shaping up to be a crucial year for Apple, a period of renewal and innovation marked by the launch of bold products. After a relatively calm period in terms of new products, Apple is taking a significant turn with the Vision Pro, its mixed reality headset. Available for pre-order in the United States, this product embodies a major breakthrough with its M2 chip and 16 GB of RAM, offering a breathtaking visual experience thanks to 23 million pixel micro OLED panels. It's an immersion beyond 4K that every eye can savor, with an impressive 100 frames per second refresh.

However, the Vision Pro is not without its flaws. Its weight, varying between 600 and 650 grams, raises concerns, particularly in terms of comfort for the neck. Early users complained of this heaviness, even after brief use. This detail is not reassuring and highlights that this first model of Apple's mixed reality headset, although impressive, is far from perfect.

The Vision Pro stands out for its dedicated operating system, Vision OS, and native compatibility with iOS and iPadOS applications. However, the absence of key applications like YouTube, Netflix or Spotify at launch is a notable downside. It's a reminder that even the best products can fail without the support of popular apps. Apple must therefore quickly find common ground with these digital giants to ensure the success of the Vision Pro.

As for other Apple products of 2024, the iPad Pro could see a major update with the introduction of the OLED display, offering deeper blacks and higher contrast. However, this improvement could result in a significant increase in price, bringing the iPad Pro closer to MacBook prices.

The iPhone SE, meanwhile, could undergo a major transformation, aligning with the design of the iPhone 14 with notable improvements in terms of battery, USB-C, Face ID and OLED screen. However, this development could also lead to a price increase.

For the Apple Watch, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024, we can expect a new model with a renewed design, perhaps thinner, a larger screen and new health features. This could be an opportunity for Apple to mark the occasion with a truly innovative model.

Finally, on the Mac side, the arrival of the M3 chip on the Mac mini and potentially an M4 chip could be notable developments. As for the Apple TV, expectations are muted, with probably just an update to Wi-Fi standards and a slight increase in power.