Why Google will still be dominant in 2048: The Lindy Effect

Pourquoi Google sera toujours dominant en 2048 : L'effet Lindy - HYTRAPE

Will Google, the tech giant, survive another 25 years? According to the Lindy Effect, the answer is most likely yes.

But what is the Lindy effect? Simply put, it is a principle that states that the older something is, the more likely it is to persist into the future. It's an idea that originated in entertainment, but has been widely adopted in other fields, including technology.

In the technological world, Google is considered an old hand. And according to the Lindy effect, this bodes well for his future. Indeed, Google's age, longevity and ability to adapt to rapid changes in the technology landscape are positive signs of its sustainability.

To better understand the Lindy effect, let's take the example of books. Which book is most likely to still be popular 1000 years from now? “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius, a text almost two millennia old, or a book published this year? According to the Lindy effect, "Meditations" has a better chance of surviving.

However, it is important to note that nothing is set in stone. The Lindy effect is not an infallible law, but rather an empirical observation. It does not guarantee survival, but simply suggests that past longevity is a good indicator of future longevity.

Ultimately, Google's future will depend on its ability to innovate, adapt, and respond to the changing needs of its users. But if the Lindy Effect is anything to go by, Google is likely to continue to dominate the tech world in 2048 and beyond.