Elon Musk

Snailbrook, Elon Musk's futuristic town

Snailbrook, la ville futuriste d'Elon Musk - HYTRAPE

Elon Musk, the famous billionaire owner of SpaceX and Tesla, plans to build a city for his employees near Austin, Texas. This town will be named Snailbrook and will be dedicated exclusively to the employees of its companies.

The project is ambitious and will include modular houses, a swimming pool, a sports area and a gymnasium. In addition, the city will have its own mayor, elected using an innovative mechanism, with the participation of personalities such as Kanye West and Grimes, Musk's former partner.

Snailbrook will be located near Elon Musk's Tesla and Boring companies, providing employees with easy access to their workplace. According to sources, modular houses, a swimming pool, a sports area and a gymnasium have already been set up at the site.

Musk has gone to great lengths to ensure that information about his project is not disclosed to the general public. The land sellers have signed very well-developed confidentiality clauses, which explains the limited information available on the project.

The billionaire has always had a bold entrepreneurial vision and this city project is no exception. Musk is known for his non-conformist side and by creating this new city, he wants to see things differently with his own rules.

The Snailbrook project is further proof of the creativity and innovation that Elon Musk is capable of. Employees of SpaceX, Tesla and Boring will soon have the chance to live and work in a unique city, with modern equipment and an innovative electoral process to elect their mayor.