Stüssy & Beats: A collaboration that reinvents studio pro headphones

Stüssy & Beats : Une collaboration qui réinvente les studio pro headphones - HYTRAPE
December 2023Beats , already known for its varied partnerships with renowned athletes and designers, this time teams up with Shawn Stüssy 's iconic surfwear/streetwear brand. This union brings a new dimension to contemporary culture through the Studio Pro Headphones, a flagship product in the Beats audio range.

To bring this collaboration to life, the two brands took inspiration from personal electronic devices from the 1990s. The result? A design with colors drawn from the world of urethane skateboard wheels, with shades of warm beige and deep gray. The materials used, such as fiberglass and resin, give the helmets a modern yet retro aesthetic.

On a technical level, these helmets are not left out. They offer spatial audio capabilities, adaptive noise cancellation, and an impressive 40 hours of battery life. In terms of design, the Beats name sits proudly on the top of the headphones, while the Stüssy logo adorns the inside of the beige headphones.

Priced at USD 349.99, the Studio Pro headphones from the Stüssy x Beats collaboration will be available from Friday, December 15 in selected Stüssy stores and on the brand's website.

In our opinion, this collaboration is a perfect example of how fashion and technology can complement each other. It illustrates Beats' ability to stay at the forefront of innovation while embracing current streetwear fashion trends.

Stay tuned to discover how this fusion of style and technology will redefine the standards of audio accessories in the world of streetwear fashion. At HYTRAPE, we can't wait to see how these headsets will be received by fashion and music enthusiasts.