Zephalto: French startup that will offer trips to the stratosphere from 2024.

Zephalto : Startup française qui va proposer des voyages dans la stratosphère dès 2024. - HYTRAPE

In a bold leap for the space tourism industry, French start-up Zephalto plans to take passengers up to 25 kilometers for an extraordinary culinary experience. With the support of the French Space Agency (CNES), Zephalto aims to mix technological innovation with fine French cuisine to offer an unforgettable journey.

For the modest sum of €120,000, passengers will have the chance to float “above the Earth and 98% of the atmosphere, immersed in the darkness of space”, as Zephalto announced. For six hours, the six passengers and two pilots aboard the capsule will not only enjoy the breathtaking view of Earth, but also a Michelin-starred meal.

After an intensive testing phase in recent months, the start-up has started taking pre-bookings for 2025 flights. Demand is strong, with 2024 flights already full.

Zephalto also stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The company plans to use a reusable balloon, filled with helium, to carry its capsule into the stratosphere. This move underlines their promise of “low carbon travel”, an increasingly important consideration at a time when the environmental impact of the space tourism industry is the subject of debate.

However, Zephalto is not alone in this new frontier of space tourism. Companies like Virgin Galactic are also making their mark. After years of waiting, Virgin Galactic announced the return of its space flights, with a mission planned for the end of May carrying four company employees, and the start of commercial flights in late June.

Despite the competition, Zephalto's unique offering stands out. By combining high-tech with haute cuisine, the startup delivers an experience that promises to be as delicious as it is impressive.

As space tourism continues to expand, Zephalto demonstrates that space is not only a new frontier for exploration, but also for culinary innovation. It will be fascinating to see how this young French company continues to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.