Porsche presents the 100% electric Macan 2024

Porsche présente le Macan 100 % électrique 2024 - HYTRAPE

Porsche is looking to the future with an increase in its electric car offerings. With this in mind, the automaker has introduced its new all-electric Macan for 2024.

Marking Porsche's second fully electric model, the new Macan comes in Macan 4 and Macan Turbo versions. The Macan 4 model produces up to 300 kW (402 hp) of power, while the Macan Turbo reaches up to 470 kW (630 hp). The 0-100km/h figures are 4.9 seconds for the Macan 4 and 3.1 seconds for the Macan Turbo. Additionally, the models feature peak torque of 479 and 833 lb-ft.

“Our goal is to offer the sportiest model in its segment with the all-electric Macan,” said Jörg Kerner, vice president of the Macan product line. “In many ways, we are taking a very successful SUV to a new level.”

What powers the all-wheel-drive car is a lithium-ion (HV) battery, which also houses the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and its 800-volt architecture. With this, the car has a charging capacity of 270 kW. A key detail is that its charge can go from 10% to 80% in 21 minutes with a fast charging device.

With prices set at $78,800 and $105,300!