A-Cold-Wall: Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

A-Cold-Wall : Collection Pré-automne 2023 - HYTRAPE

The new collection from the British streetwear brand will be available this Friday, June 16, guided by the visionary talent of its founder, Samuel Ross. Although it has established itself on the fashion scene this year with its numerous collaborations, including those with Converse and Dr. Martens, the label continues to push the limits of contemporary aesthetics. The collection reveals itself as a striking blend of urban influences and minimalist sophistication.

Thus, Samuel Ross invites us to think about our relationship with the environment around us, by combining elements inspired by urban architecture and raw materials with cuts, refined details and usual layering. Clean, structured workwear silhouettes mingle with deconstructivist details, creating a perfect balance between rigor and chaos. Neutral colors like black, white, navy and khaki are interrupted by bright, bold pops of red and blue, reflecting the contrasts of our ever-changing society.

A-Cold-Wall is renowned for its innovative use of materials, and this collection is no exception. Raw and textured fabrics, such as washed denim and heavy cottons, are highlighted for their authentic beauty and durability. Construction details, such as exposed stitching and unconventional finishes, add a touch of modern craftsmanship, reinforcing the essence of the brand.

Among the key pieces of this collection, we find technical jackets with architectural lines, revisited cargo pants with structured pockets and sets with an effective and coherent aesthetic. Accessories are not left out, with bags and caps that perfectly complement the urban and contemporary aesthetic of the collection.

Written by @jade_moniz.