8 Beatmakers/Samplemakers to follow in 2023 (PART.1)

8 Beatmakers/Samplemakers à suivre en 2023 (PART.1) - HYTRAPE


Planaway, a producer for around 4-5 years, has become known through his evolution in the soundcloud community.

He started by producing more electro pieces before finding his own musical style. His goal from the beginning has always been to create unique sounds that stand out from the crowd. His current productions can be described as more experimental.

He currently works with artists and rappers to bring his personal touch to their musical projects. Among them, we find in particular NeS and Yvnnis, with whom he collaborates regularly. He has also worked with Meto and Louis Marguier, two talented producers with whom he is also friends.

The beatmaker began his musical career with covers on Launchpad, before starting to compose his own songs on Ableton and then on FL Studio.

He then met NeS, with whom he collaborated on the creation of PUSHKA, a title which saw the light of day as part of the LA COURSE project. Then subsequently, Planaway began to regularly make sound with NeS, Yvnnis and other members of their entourage.

His passion for music from a young age has led to his current success and promises a passionate music career in the future. Find the interview with Planaway .


Neshh, a young 18-year-old composer living in Paris, launched into musical production around 2-3 years ago. Since then, he has focused exclusively on composing samples and loops, preferring to integrate the rhythms of other beatmakers into his melodies to create new work in a direction he would not have imagined.

Exploring different musical styles is a habit for Neshh, but his favorite genre remains music with a jazz/soul color. Chords are a central element in his compositions, because they provide a unique emotion that he does not find in any other musical style. He thus wishes to transmit this emotion through his creations, by seeking to give a very sampled sound, reminiscent of the original soundtracks of films from the 60s and 70s.

Before getting into music production, Neshh started picking up melodies by ear on a piano app on his phone, which inspired him to want to compose. He downloaded software to start producing his own music. Again, he began learning to improvise on the piano to create even more authentic melodies.

Neshh draws his influences from various sources, such as American artists Kanye West and Brent Faiyaz or jazz pianist Bill Evans. However, he considers that his inspiration does not come directly from what he listens to, but rather from the atmosphere of a film or a particular place, or even from a simple image. He thus wishes to merge his musical styles with those of other artists, even if they are very far from what he does.

Neshh has big ambitions for his music, considering he is still at the beginning of his journey. His priority is to perfect his technique to become excellent in his art, but he also aspires to disseminate his music and to work with many artists, particularly in France, such as Green Montana, Luidji and Baby Neelou whom he recently discovered.

For Neshh, musical composition is a hunger in itself, and he enjoys creating for the sake of creating.

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Comatz, 18 years old and originally from Toulouse, is a young emerging artist in the music industry. He started producing music three years ago and has become a talented beatmaker and producer.

It all started with his passion for the piano and arranging his own compositions. This passion led him to install FL Studio, music production software, and to immerse himself in the world of composition. Comatz has been integrated by many musical genres such as future beat, neo soul and electronic music.

After a year of practice, the composer began to focus on his own musical style. He created his own sound thanks to his sound design and now produces mainly bass music/trap as well as productions/loops on demand. He also sells sample/drum packs which include all the samples created during his productions.

Comatz is a versatile and creative artist who continues to gain recognition in the music industry. His unique style and passion for creating music make him an artist to watch in the years to come.


Dyap, a young and talented 20-year-old samplemaker from Perpignan. With his musical journey, which began at a young age due to his parents who are both musicians. His mother is a pianist and his father is a drummer, so Dyap has been immersed in music since childhood.

He started playing guitar at an early age, which inspired him to create his own music. As soon as he got a computer, he began producing electronic music, but has since moved into samplemaking. Since last June, he has focused on samples and connected with the collective “Les Diezz” thanks to this.

Dyap has a very varied musical style, drawing inspiration from soul, RnB, tango and bossa nova, which his mother is particularly fond of. However, he seeks to find a unique and recognizable musical identity, focusing particularly on sound design.

He began to become known by sharing his samples on the Discord server “Loupy”, then joining other servers and Instagram groups. He has since met many talented musicians and created a strong entourage in the music world.

With promising talent and a passion for musical exploration, it will be interesting to follow Dyap's evolution in the years to come.


When the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, Brido discovered his passion for music production.

Of Algerian and Filipino origin, he quickly became interested in music production and began posting his productions on YouTube.

This is how he met members of the Diez community such as Tsukii, Dofla, Greg Josse and Guyzzi. But it was also thanks to YouTube that he met Meto, who introduced him to the world of samplemaking. He then began to create his own melodies.

Little by little, he accelerated in this field and had the chance to work with certain emerging artists on the French scene without even setting foot in France.

It's a real shame for him who grew up listening to all kinds of music thanks to his parents: disco, Stromae, Frank Sinatra... But it was his brother who really immersed him in rap with artists such as SCH, Josman, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Ferg, Skrillex. With a little hindsight, he realizes that he has been surrounded by music since a young age and this has allowed him to be open to more horizons!

Music changed his life during the pandemic and allowed him to discover a new passion. He is proud of his atypical career and is convinced that this is only the beginning of a great musical adventure.

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At only 15 years old, Saturnn is a talented producer from Toulouse. He got into music production at the end of 2020, but it was in June 2022 that he focused on creating samples. It was his 8 years of playing drums that allowed him to develop his musical ear.

His influences mainly focus on RnB and Soul, listening to artists such as Kali Uchis, Brent Faiyaz, Tyler the Creator, among others. In addition, he carefully follows the current rap scene, which is a source of inspiration for his creations.

Saturnn has also had the chance to work with several prominent artists such as $NOT, Strick and Favé. For the future, he hopes to be able to collaborate with artists who have their own musical universe like Laylow, Brent Faiyaz, SZA, Khali and Rounhaa.

Finally, “I want to thank everyone who believes in my work, who collaborates with me and who supports me. Big love to you!” -Saturnn.


His passion for music was discovered thanks to his father who encouraged him to play the piano from a young age.

This experience helped him enter the art world in general and inspired him to explore other art forms such as graphic design and motion design.

Later, he discovered YouTube channels such as Internet Money, which really got him interested in music productions.

He was impressed by the ability of these artists to release a production in just fifteen minutes.

So, he loves to experiment and create new sounds, mixing influences from artists in the electro scene such as Skrillex, Noisia and Chime, who inspire him to push the boundaries of his musical vision and create unique sounds.


Thedemonsoouul is a young 18-year-old beatmaker from La Garenne Colombes in 92.

He began producing his music in early 2019 on llms, but quickly realized that FL Studio could open more doors for him.

By working tirelessly and making key meetings, notably with Deqzy, Thedemonsoouul was able to evolve in his musical vision and create numerous connections.

From 2020 to September 2022, the young artist mainly focused on the production of drill productions, which allowed him to gain visibility. However, since then he has turned to styles such as trap, strait, supertrap and RnB, exploring new musical horizons.

When it comes to his personal musical tastes, Thedemonsoouul mainly listens to French-speaking rap, but also listens to a lot of soul, jazz and house. He also met inspiring people, such as the band Memo founded and the 11crowz collective, who helped him broaden his horizons and grow in his music in a different way. This development allowed him to work alongside talents such as roni0block and khazy.

In summary, Thedemonsoouul is a young producer determined to give his all in the years to come. His passion for music and desire to improve in his artistic vision are traits that should lead him to increasing success in the music industry.

Written by Yeazzy.