The 10 French rappers to follow in 2024

Les 10 rappeurs français à suivre en 2024 - HYTRAPE

Rich in discoveries and new sounds, the music scene of 2023 has seen the emergence of a line of ultra-creative artists who promise to redefine the rap landscape in this new year 2024. Just for you, the Hytrape editors have concocted a careful selection of the 10 French rappers to absolutely follow.


A young artist from Lille, Bkrbabyboy draws his inspiration from R&B and American rap from the 2000s. As a producer, he collaborates with Geeko, Beeby and Smeels, among others, but it is as a solo artist that he certainly stands out. the rising star of this year, with notable projects like Archives.MP3 PT 2 or Fuck The Club.



With the drop of Recherche&Destruction (which is, in our eyes, a 0 skip), Jolagreen23 has undoubtedly confirmed his status as a rapper to watch very closely in 2024. Elaborate flows, heady lyrics and varied instrumentals testify to his constant desire to explore new vibes. Originally from Bois-Colombes, the artist is distinguished by a recurring theme centered on war and a heroic aspect which animates him, also present in 727BOEING .

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Ash to the eye

A multidisciplinary artist, the former student of Nouvelle École season 2 dances, plays and photographs as well as she raps. Proof of this is with No pain no gain , in collaboration with La Place and her first solo single called Euf , a project imbued with determination both in the lyrics and in life, since she directed, produced and ensured the artistic direction of the clip itself. We just can't wait to see her evolve.


GUAP 2X , Ipanema , Boa … These projects confirm the rise of the young rap virtuoso NoSnow. With a universe as singular as raw texts, the artist delivers an authentic and versatile flow while preserving a most melodic tone. We're looking forward to new projects that will thrill us, that's for sure.


We need no introduction, Furlax is the emerging artist to remember and follow without hesitation this year. If he got us high with Nebula, an album released last August, the latter has certainly not finished making its way in the industry for our greatest pleasure.

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Furlax's interview can be found here! : furlax-lodyssee-musicale


Based in Paname in 2022, Ajna quickly stood out thanks to his collaborations with artists such as NeS and Naimo. The rapper continues to excite us with songs combining trap and captivating ambiances, evoking the codes of Bedroom Producer and New Wave. His latest album Boys & Basement , released at the end of 2023, is an example of this.

Kay The Prodigy

A soft voice that seduces us against a backdrop of punchy lyrics, Kay is truly the prodigy of this new trap generation. The performer and composer of Prestige and Chut! , produced by Richie Beats, stands out with its unique style of rap, mixing a good dose of audacity and ego trip. A breath of fresh air that we may still enjoy in the months to come.


We fell in love with his latest album Danger Close by IRKO , in collaboration with beatmaker Amne. By exploring sounds from rap, industrial music, techno and even rock, he transmits the pessimism of a generation through music that they themselves called Warfare music . A successful project which portends a new year synonymous with accomplishment for the rapper.



In October, 900treize released CITY BOY - Before The Club, an EP of 3 tracks in which the artist reveals himself without restraint, addressing his romantic breakups while skillfully mixing the styles of cloud rap and R&B. An auditory delight that arouses the desire to savor more.



Prince of trap, Zequin has already proven himself and does not intend to stop there in 2024. Originally from 92 and member of the 7FS collective, he demonstrated in 2023 in Rescapé des rue (RR 700FS) , his ability to explore, between rap and melodrama, the social realities of his life and to share his experiences, beyond stereotypes.

Written by Camille Noel Djaleb