“IT’S GOING TO BE OK” by NeS, a concentrate of optimism and resilience

"ÇA VA ALLER" de NeS, un concentré d'optimisme et de résilience - HYTRAPE
In his latest project entitled “ça va aller”, NeS offers us an EP of 8 tracks that exude optimism and resilience. This new opus, in which several talented artists and producers participated, once again confirms the status of NeS as a notable figure in French-speaking rap.

The collaborations with Deemax and Yvnnis bring appreciable musical diversity to this EP. Producers BRIAN (Fra), Lil Chick, Meto, RestonsFlex, Planaway and Poivre Blanc were able to create instrumentals that perfectly accompany NeS's flow, allowing him to deliver a strong and touching message.

“ça Va Aller” stands out for its careful writing, with texts co-written by Deemax, NeS and Yvnnis. The lyrics address themes such as resilience in the face of life's difficulties, hope and solidarity. Listeners will undoubtedly be able to relate to these positive and encouraging messages.

The EP video, produced by Matthias Pichard and TKSH, was directed by a talented trio: Arnaud Vieron, Jeremy Beaudet and TKSH. The direction of photography is by Antoine Dugne and Kelian Lortie, and the editing was entrusted to Arnaud Vieron. The result is a captivating and aesthetic visual, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the EP.

As for the visual aspect, Salucv was responsible for the graphics, while the cover of the single was created by Arnaud Vieron and Jeremy Beaudet. The styling is provided by Tifany Bissié, who was able to highlight the universe of NeS and the general aesthetic of the project.

NeS’s “À Va Aller”, a concentrate of optimism and resilience

On the technical side, “À Va Aller” was mastered by Lil Chick and Lyre (FRA), and mixed by Lyre (FRA). The visual effects (VFX) are the work of Arnaud Vieron, and the color grading was done by Antoine Dugne.

Produced by ninefour and SEEING SOUNDS, “À Va Aller” is a project that reflects the talent and commitment of NeS. Thanks to the collaboration of numerous artists and professionals, this EP is a success both musically and visually. NeS continues to impress and stand out in the French-speaking rap landscape, and “ça Va Aller” is further proof of his undeniable talent.

Listen to the project here: